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Judith Stokes

High School Counseling Services

The mission of the Fairlead Academy Counseling Department is to provide all students with a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that gives them the opportunity to gain an understanding of themselves and others and to participate in educational and occupational exploration in order to reach their full potential as productive members of society.


Regarding Students: 

  • Every student will leave Fairlead Academy with the necessary academic, career, and social/emotional skills to continue flourishing. 
  • Every student at Fairlead Academy has the capacity to learn and therefore, access to a rigorous educational experience is available to all. 
  • Supporting the “whole child” in their growth and development is a critical role for school counselors. 
  • School counselors provide a space for student's voices. 
  • “All students” mean all students therefore, school counselors work to equitably develop their academic, social/emotional, and career self.

Regarding Teacher/Administrators: 

  • School counselors collaborate with teachers and administrators to provide the necessary educational programming for students to excel. 
  • School counselors unite with teachers and administrators to facilitate students’ success. 

Regarding Parents: 

  • School counselors forge effective partnerships with families. 
  • School counselors encourage parent voices in supporting students’ growth. 

Regarding the Educational Process: 

  • All students should have a school counselor who advocates on their behalf. 
  • School counselors contribute to a positive school climate by providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all students.
  • School counselors continually analyze data, reflecting, to make necessary upgrades in counseling programs and services. 
  • School counselors are school leaders who facilitate a positive educational experience for all students through the use of best practices and evidence-based interventions.

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